Birdy Land Residence


birdy land


Birdy Land Residence is the jewel of “Manaret Hammamet”




within 500 meters away from the Yasmine Golf Club, 3 km from Yasmine Hammamet: Birdy Land offers a fantastic panoramic views of the Hammamet gulf.

This building offers also a marvellous view over the Zaghouane mountains, overlook the city of Hammamet and the marina Yesmine Hammamet.

Birdy Land: Family space:


Birdy Land offers 8 rental apartments and assure secure parking and access.

8 Apartments: [living room + 1 bedroom] furnished with (Refrigerator, Table, 2 chairs, stove, two beds with mattresses, TV + 3 Satellite Receiver).


Apartments n° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are on the 3rd floor, and apartments n° 7 and 8 are on the ground floor.
Apartments n° 4 and 5 are linked.
This appartments are within the range of most family budget.


Birdy Land: Commercial space: Prepared for rent:

Offices with internet access, canteen staff ...


For more information about our residence Birdy Land don’t hesitate to contact us.

Birdy Land

Birdy Land is overlooking the Gulf of Hammamet, the Zaghouan mountains and the Marina of Yesmine Hammamet; it offers a magnificent unique natural area, It is a family space, welcoming all bird lovers.


This unique natural area preserves and gathers:

- Dozens of wide ranging aviaries.
- Exposure and reproduction of several bird breeds.
- Birds husbandry and fish husbandry (a pool containing 44 fish, which we invite you to discover).
- Cobaye, hamsters and many other surprises.

Our small and intimate bird zoo garden is open 7 days a week and invites you to discover it in a relaxed atmosphere ...

Our bird zoo preserve and presents 21bird breeds:

“Grey Gabon, the Ivory Coast Grey, Parrot coli, Quail China, Red-rumped Parrot, Yoyo Senegal, Calopsites, Inseparable masked Diamonds Colombia, Birdsof Paradise, Bangali, Parakeets No1, Diamond Gould, Padda, Canaris, Canariscurly, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Ois, Ducks, Pigeons Peacock, Grenoulle Pigeons, Peacocks Pigeons ...
Birdy Land residence and Birdy Land space combine the joy of staying in Hammamet and the loveliness of mother nature.



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